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August 29, 2008


Jim Cowan

The blog is a great idea and using the movies to show people solutions is spot on! My question is about the use of a decal in Revit. Can you create an object, say a wall as a "background" and place the site image on the face of the wall? This would be similar to staging a scene for a play. It would also let you create a walkthru animation, potentially with the site as a background.

Harlan Brumm

Thanks Jim :)

You can create a decal and place it on a wall to create a backgound. This is a good way to get a image into the actual rendering. It has some limitations as well though. Sometimes shadows can be caused by the wall so you need to be careful where the wall is placed and the angle of the view you are rendering. But this is a good suggestion for another workaround to this problem. Thanks again.


Hi there,
This was very helpful! I really like this format.
Please, keep up the good work!


Just the tip I desperately needed!


Thanks so much!! That was a great tip!

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