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September 09, 2008


Lisa Brady

Hi Harlan,

Thanks for the recommendation but sadly I am not teaching at AU this year. However,the courseware from previous interoperability classes taught at AU 2006 and AU 2007 on the Autodesk University website can be accessed. The 2007 is more comprehensive than the 2006 with better workflow and best practices. I will be in attendance at AU 2008 so maybe I will see you there. Good luck with your class!

Harlan Brumm

Thanks for the update and sorry for the confusion. Your AU documents are great and I definitely recommend that anyone interested in the workflow between Inventor and Revit take a look.

I. McGaw

The way I understand it is that Revit and 3D cad/SAT blocks are a waste of time. What about if you were say working for a company like Titus doing Air Diffusers, what about the connectors, different finishes, or number of blades and slots? I really doubt a manufacturer is going to want to deal with 20 families for 1 product due to the options that they have. Thoughts?

Steve K

What is the best workflow for a customer that uses ProE for the main desing but want to bring design data in Revit. ProE support a new version of ACIS that Revit does not support?


Peter Gehring

This is a link to a document I have created outlining some of the workflow options for Revit Content creation. I will be following it up with another document with some more detailed information on nesting subassemblies for Revit families and adding MEP connectors.

Revit Families - Content Creation from Manufacturers


How can I import a Collada .dae file to Revit?


i have gotten the SAT file in to revit... in a mass family. but how do you get it to change colors, and render differently

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