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September 18, 2008



Is there a way to link the "live" Civil 3D model into the Revit Architecture model so that the architect does not have to re-import the file every time the civil engineer makes a change? I work at an A/E firm with both civil engineers & architects and we would like to keep our work as current as possible with as little duplication of effort as possible. We are currently working with a weekly "shell" export process where we convert the Revit Architecture plans to 2D Autocad for the civil team to insert in their Civil 3D plans. It would be optimum to have a way to import their Civil 3D work and refresh the linked file instead of having to re-import and re-model in Revit Architecture. Of course the long term solution would be to create a Revit Civil package!

Harlan Brumm

Hi Rebecca,

There really isn't a method to link a live Civil 3D model into Revit. Using DWG links is a good start, but if you want to create a site in Revit you will need to recreate the Toposurface when you reload the linked file. Sorry that I can't be more help here.


I think these autodesk people suck to the core when it comes to understanding what customer wants....i mean,,,,there is such a good 3d modelling applicaton like 3ds max,,from which we can make conceptual massing,,,but there is no way to use that 3d model as a massing element in revit...from which we can create walls, roofs, etc using the building maker...SO,,,I THINK IF ANY AUTODESK PEOPLE SEEING THIS SHOULD CHANGE IT FOR THE GOOD OF THEIR CUSTOMERS AND FOR THEMSELVES...

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