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September 26, 2008



i'm curious what the extra tools are in the top toolbar? i've never seen those before, let alone any add-ons of that sort. Is there something i'm missing out on?

Harlan Brumm

Hi Anon,

Those tools are the Revit Extensions for Revit Architecture. They are available for Subscription customers to download via the subscription center. These extensions were orginally for Revit Structure, but some apply to all Revit products so they were made avaiable. For Revit Architecture there are 6 currently extensions available:

Excel based modeling
Grid generator
Text generator
Element positioning
Freeze drawings
Model compare

If your a subscription customer check them out. I'll plan a post to tell more about them later. :)


I hope this is not too much off topic.. After you place your walls on the mass, is there a way to place your mass floors in without them protruding outside the wall?

Harlan Brumm

Hi Charlie,

If your mass floors protrude outside the walls you can edit the floor sketch by selecting the floor and clicking edit on the Options Bar. this will allow you to change the shape of the floor and move it back so that it no longer protrudes. Hope that helps.


Well, all my masses are sweep blends and if I go in to move them back, I have some part of the floor still sticking out. The only was I knew I could get them right is by making them as mass floors, but it took me three days to do all the masses.. I did not know if there was an easier way..

Harlan Brumm

If you are changing the shape of your mass and the floors are incorrect, you can use the Remake button on the Options Bar after you select one of the floors to make the floor reform itself to the shape of the Mass. Otherwise you will need to edit the sketches of the floors to change their size.


1.-Im just trying to make a curve Wall that has a curve elevation, there is no way that it work, I tried to do it with Workcases, editing in a ref Plane, and it has a problem if the wall is totally a curve. beacuse it doesn´t allow me to make a curve REF PLANE ( the cut in the plane is not perpendicular).... Do you have any ideas to resolve this problem.... ???
2.-Another question, can I Modelate a Void form.????....
Thanks for your help...

Ray Frisch

I was referred over to you from a member of the Revit discussion group at Autodesk. I'm a novice and am learning Families I'm looking to make a window familiy that has outward tilting windows like an airport control tower. I saw your Wall-Revit. Can that be also applied to windows. Looking forward to hearing from you.



Screencast can't find the videos. Please relink. Thank you

Harlan Brumm

I've updated the link. Thanks for catching it!


If I have a curved wall or a wall with at least one corner then, is there any way in Revit that I can look at it as if it was plane (so basically I stretch the wall without changing its length)?

Harlan Brumm

Thanks for question. While there is not a way to modify the geometry of the model so that you can look at it automatically in Revit this way (you may be able to use the Revit API to do this), if you need to be able to show this you can use a drafting view to draw this condition so that it can be documented in your project the way you need.

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