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October 14, 2008



Dear Sir:
I am Mechanical Engineering Student.Ineed tosome Files:
(m Adding Lighting Fixtures.rvt
m Placing Switches.rvt
m Placing Receptacles.rvt
m Creating Usage Reports.rvt
m Placing Electrical Equipment.rvt
m Creating Power Circuitry.rvt
m Creating Lighting Circuitry and Wires.rvt
m Creating Switch Systems.rvt
m Creating Multi-Circuit Wiring.rvt
m Checking Your Design.rvt
m Defining Circuit Loads.rvt)
Could you send me these files.Ireally need to these files in some part
accept my apologize me If i had some mistakes in my letter.i am waiting to hear from you.
your faithfully.

Harlan Brumm


I believe that you are looking for the Revit MEP tutorial files in the Datasets 2 file. You can download these files from this link:


Run the exe file once it is downloaded to extract the files.

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