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October 10, 2008


David Thigpen

One problem with phasing that tech support had not been able to explain to me is in a phase, trying to show demo items with existing and new (show all), the door jambs do not show up. Seems that the infill covers these up. Windows are okay. In residential plans somtimes we want to show demo this way rather than a separate demo plan. Any fix for this?

Harlan Brumm

A simply little fix for this issue is to add a symbolic line to the door family on top of the edge of the wall at the opening of the door. When the family is reloaded into the project, this will display the symbolic line on the wall edge when the door is placed in a existing wall.

A window will have the same bahavior, but by default the window frame is set to display in the family in a plan view, but again the wall edge does not display. Adding this symbolic line does not impact the family when it is displayed normally as this symbolic line is just on top of the edge of the wall opening.

Why this happens is a little more complex. What is occuring is that the geometry of the demolished infill is actually displaying as if it is joined to the wall because both the wall and the demolished wall are shown in the phase filter for that view. Change the phase filter (or make a new one) so that it does not display demolished objects and the wall edges will display again. Hopefully, this is helpful.

Maria Espinoza

trying to figure out why the phases are only mapping in one direction

Core and shell central (118) is linked to interior buildout central(119) and vice versa overlay. Both link in structural central and copy monitor grids.
118 shows all existing demo and new from 119
119 shows only new from 118
Both show copy monitored grids from each other. The revit link properties show phase mapping as equall. They appear to be correctly positioned with regards to elevation. When I vv per view and change revit link by linked view globally it doesn't show. When I change linked view via custom and select the matching view (plan elevation and 3d)it shows. I want to use view templates and am trying to avoid the by linked view. Shouldn't this be bidirectional? Each file has existing on an existing workset as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
OH Phasing we have display by show all in all phases and seems to work pretty well in each file. We need to demo in domolition phase. demo shows as existing in the existing phase and demo in demo and does not show in new construction. Phase created for all objects in both files is existing.

Thanks in advance

Harlan Brumm

This sounds like a complex issue and there could be a lot of variables. I would recommend contacting your reseller or Autodesk Product Support for assistance resolving this issue. For the demo in demolish problem, you should not create demolish phases in Revit. Demolish is a phase State in Revit and will cause problems if you create a phase called demolished. I would combine the demolish phase with the next phase in the Phases dialog box. Hope this helps


I'd like to show existing walls as white filled and new walls as gray filled in a floor plan. I was hoping the Graphic Overrides in Phasing dialog box would do the trick, but no luck. Have you run across this issue?

Harlan Brumm

You can show this. You will need to make sure that your phase filter for your view is set to Override the objects with a New phase status. By default most phase filters are set to By Category so you will need to change this for the phase filter you are using in your view. Hope this helps.

George Duncan

Got a question that has me stumped. How can you break up a large floor plan into separate phases, including the demolition phases?

For example, a project has several departments within the same floor. The goal is to demo just portions of the floor and build new. When complete, demo another portion and build new. This creates an issue with MEP because they're not sure where the phases end on the model. Is there a way to assign a portion of the plan as phase 1, phase 2, phase 3 etc, and also demo 1, demo 2 and demo 3? Then, for example, have a view that shows phase 1, demo 2, and remaining existing?

Harlan Brumm

So the correct way to have this work for Revit is to create phases for Existing, Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3 and then create different views for each Phase and set the view properties for each view to the phase that that view needs to display. So for a view that needs to show Phase 1, set the Phase for the view to Phase 1. Then use the demolish tool in that view to demolish everything you need to demolish in that Phase. When you switch to another view, like Phase 2, and start demolishing objects, the demolished objects in Phase 1 will not display. You should be careful not to create any phases just from demolished objects. Demolish is a phase state in Revit and should not be a actual phase. If you need more help, I would recommend contacting your local Autodesk Reseller or Autodesk Product Support and we will be happy to help.


Is there a way to demolish an opening into a wall that is an existing phase? I want to cut an opening in an existing wall and have the opening show up as demolished, so far I am only able to demolish the whole wall or place an opening in a wall but not to demolish a portion of a wall.
thank you.


Ont thing that is important to note is that Phases CANNOT be reordered in time. They can be merged with a prior or later phase, but not 'moved up or down' in the timeline. For firms who don't know the sequence of various sub-projects, they may wish to consider Design Options rather than setting up Phases which are then fixed in time!

Matthew Barbour

Is there a way to have a demolished wall appear as transparent in plan? ie no fill at all?

The problem I have is where an existing wall which has been demolised crosses a new wall the white fill of the existing wall shows up and not the black fill of the new.

Is this a wall properties thing ie "joint properties or a demolished properties thing?


Mike Ryley

Is There a way to show an Overall Demo Plan for a Multiple Phased project?

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