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October 23, 2008



The video played fine here.

Steven D. Papke

Really enjoyed the use of screen cast. Great tutorial


Is it possible to download the Screen Cast video for later watching. I have account at Screen cast. Also is there plug in available which can download d Screen cast Video.

Your Blog is like a Revit Doctor which provides remedies to (us) Revit users.

Harlan Brumm

I have not been able to find a way to download the videos from screencast. You might be able to use a plugin from firefox to download the videos (I found something on youtube.com that described the process for a youtube video which is similar), but I could not get it work with screencast. Anyone else have an idea of how to download the videos. Screencast is handy for posting becuase of the full screen resolution and file size so I hope that they work well. I will not remove the videos so you can always view them if you cannot find a way to download them.

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