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November 14, 2008



I have always wondered how these compare to the PSEs (those with the ADSK VARs will know what I mean.) Have you taken the PSE for Revit Arch? How would you rate the difficulty level between the two?

I have never had the time to become "certified," and have always wondered what I am missing. :)

Harlan Brumm

I actually, helped to test the most recent PSE exam so hopefully, I can give you a good answer. I think that the certifcation exams where much more well rounded and more for users of the product. The certifcation exam does a nice job of testing quite a few different aspects of the application. The PSE is very similar to the Associate exam, but I felt like the associate exam was a littel bit better in terms of testing Revit knowledge. The PSE was not anything like the professional exam and it seemed good at testing the practical aspects of using Revit to model.


That's interesting. Good to know.


Hi, i have queston about revit that..
How can i attach information to elements of revit so that i can get it in GBXML and also through progrm like wall material?

thanks in advance.

Basam Yousif

Harlan, I would like to take the certification exams for both AutoCAD and Revit. Is there any "sample" tests I can look at ? just out of curiosity :)

Harlan Brumm

There are practice exams available that you can take called assesement exams. These exams are cheaper and are available where the professional and associate exams are available.


I am successfully completed my associate level test . Now am preparing for professional level examination .

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