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February 19, 2009



The worst thing is to make all objects became one. I dont understand why this is a requirement for 3d printing.

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Charles Overy

Ultra, The 3d print calculator noted above is a free tool to help prep.

>all objects became one.
Our CADspan software will create a merge of all the parts. The main software is a "Shrinkwrap" tool and it is what is implied in the Revit STL export plugin notes. It works very well to create an exterior model from a Revit drawing or a complex model from many shells.

A lot of "Online" "instant" quoting engines will not give you a quote though for multiple shells. However a competent Service Bureau that specializes in Architecture should be able to quote you from the native Revit or other geometry.

We 3d print from BIM data all the time with great success.

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When you said, 3D printing, twas like, how was that possible? LOL, silly me... I was thinking of a real-life 3 dimensional object, not a paper with a 3D image printed on it. Great post, by the way.

Josh Surgeon

Department of Admissions
United States Coast Guard Academy
15 Mohegan Avenue
New London, CT 06320
Phone: (860) 444-8503
Email: Joshua.R.Surgeon@uscga.edu
Email: Kathleen.W.Parker@uscga.edu

28 2009 SEP

From: J. R. Surgeon, 3/c
Reply to
Attn of: 3/c Surgeon
CC: Ms. Parker

To: Sales Specialist/Agent
Subj: Quote for 3D Block lettering

 To whom it may concern,
o My name is Joshua Surgeon and I attend the United States Coast Guard Academy. I have been assigned the task of getting bids for 3D lettering that will be used for the admissions department. Admissions wants:
o 3D BLACK blocks.
o Approximately 3.5 inches tall, 2.75-3.0 inches wide, and approximately .25 inches think.
o The sentence that the letters shall represent is as follows (include quotations and punctuations) “Shaping and enriching future Coast Guard leadership one cadet at a time.” Please note that we would like all the letters in caps., but the size of the beginning letter for the sentence shall be larger (4-5 inches tall) to add emphasis on the quote.
o Please respond with a bid on not only the cost, but also the time frame that it would take to process and deliver the blocks.

Very Respectfully,
Josh Surgeon__3/c Cadet

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