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February 04, 2009


Dave Baldacchino

Harlan, can the different applications be split up and/or applied as network nodes?


Hi Harlan,

will there be a cross-upgrade for current AutoCad Architecture subscription members? If yes, will it be available in Germany as well?
Thanks! (Because this is just what I have been waiting for to make to move to Revit).

Harlan Brumm


I recommend contacting your local Autodesk reseller for information regarding Cross Grading, but this should be available.

Also, to answer Dave's question: It really depends on if you are using Network licening or not. The Suite is available with network licensing so you can install the prodcuts on the suite of different computers, but it is important to know that each product launched on different machines will comsume one Suite License. If the products are all run on one machine, it will only use one license. This could cause problems if there are not enough Suite licenses available for all the machines with the Suite installed.

Hope this help!

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