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March 16, 2009



Hi. I have a request which has been called impossible by everyone that I have asked so far. I would be very grateful if you could shed any light on this.

I am putting together a revit family package for a restaurant furniture designer (Booths, tables ... etc.) These models are basically a kit of parts with each part having a number of variables. Users can specify a number of different leg types, seat backs, covers, finishes... The idea is that the user would be able to define all these variables to their liking, and we would be able to interface the Revit schedule / BOM directly with the manufacturer's ERP and have the furniture schedule basically tell the CNC production line what to cut.
This involves only one small snag. Instance parameters whose "values" are a drop down list of predefined variables...
Does this exist ? Is there any way to make this exist ? Does anyone have an amazing amount of API knowledge and would be able to make this happen ? Ditto VBA ?

Thanks for your time. I hope you might be able to shed some light here.

Best regards,


Harlan Brumm

There is not a method available to have a drop down list for values for any type of parameter. One option though is to use Nested families for each differnt component type and size and use visiblity parameters where users can swap out differnt types of components (like different legs, etc). This could make the family pretty heavy however. You may want to consider looking into Type Catalogs so that you can create many differnt types of the family, but only load the ones you want into a project.

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