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April 23, 2009



If you double click the central file in Explorer to start Revit 2010, is this option offered? If not, this is a major oversight, just like not offering it from the Recent Files menu item.



Very few of my users ever use the Open open option in any program, they all prefer to double click a file in explorer. I liked this feature when I saw it but if I'm understanding this post, it is only an option when using the Open dialog?

Basam Yousif

It is a major flaw that the tempting (and annoying) 'recent files' window does NOT offer the same functionality - it creates a local file named exactly as the central file !!

As best practice, users have to learn to do open from within Revit. No user should open a central file by double clicking OR by bypassing the "specify" which worksets to open (or even when linking).

Joel Osburn

Agreed...most users don't open the app and then open a file. They just open the file from Explorer or a shortcut on their desktop.

It amazes me that these hijinks are even necessary, though, and I keep wondering when Autodesk will bite the bullet and adopt a real database backend. A complicated problem, to be sure, but at least it will scale, unlike the current system.

Paul Kirill

The automatic local file creator in 2010 is great! Unless you need to use multiple versions of Revit across multiple projects (as most MEP users will in order to conform with client needs). That's why I built a little app to help with the process of creating local files. Its free and built in vb.net and you can download it from our user group website here: http://www.ramlug.org/?p=176.

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