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April 02, 2009



While this is useful information on a technique for modeling walls. It demonstrates several meathods which are not "best practices" especially for the window.

For example, one would almost never model a window in-place. If you needed windows in your slopped wall you would create the wall using a method which worked with window families such as creating a mass with a slopped face and creating the wall using the "pick face" method. Then you would create a window using the "generic model face based.rft" family which would cut and schedule correctly.

I understand that this is a "quick" blog lesson, but you should a least mention that this isn't the best way to achieve these results. Or point out that you would only use this method for "one of a kind" windows.

Thanks in general for the blog!

Ryan Duell

Thank you for the comment, I do agree this is not the recommended workflow for creating standard walls, but may be useful for a custom wall or conceptual modeling scenarios. I appreciate the feedback on the post!

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