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April 13, 2009



It's hard to understand why someone would use KeyTips, given that for some tools you have to press up to 11 keys to run that tool.

And why we need more ways to access the same tools, when we *still* (after many years of requests) can't access the Options Bar options via shortcut keys amazes me.

Joel Osburn

After experimenting with this, I think it would be more useful if pressing ALT by itself exposed the keyboard shortcuts of all currently visible tools. Right now it takes pressing Alt, and then figuring out what letter to press for the current tab. This requires always knowing which tab contains which tool, even though you've already found it, or Revit has already displayed it for you.

This would remove another impediment: knowing what letters it takes to expose keyboard shortcuts for all the panels that get tacked onto the ribbon. The fact that they appear means you're already in the midst of the activity; having to then figure out what letter combination is required to expose the keyboard shortcuts introduces an unneeded action.

Lastly, I applaud the effort to make these very visible, but feel that the boat was missed by not extending this to the more useful situation of displaying the options midway through entering a shortcut. Ie. pressing W, and then needing to squint at the bottom left corner to see what todo, then pressing an arrow key, then squinting again to see what has been selected and deciding on the next course of action, etc. For me, by the time the tooltip appears at my cursor (and sometimes it doesn't appear at all), it's just about too late to act, if pressing Enter is required. (Not sure why there appears to be a timeout on doing this, even though the message continues to appear at the bottom left.)

Revit really requires a user to bounce their attention all over the place.

The last thing I'll offer is that assigning numbers to the buttons on the QAT doesn't seem to work so well; the overflow past 9 buttons is not graceful at all. Add another 10, and it gets worse. I realize that the QAT may not have been envisioned to contain that many tools, but people will be people.


I would love to be able to pick lines to place an area boundary and not have the apply area rules checked on the options bar. I cannot get to the options bar with keyboard. So the process is AB then click the checkbox then pick the line. It's a pain when you have a lot of area lines to pick. It should be something like AB-ALT-Space-click the line. Area rules are not easy to override, every city council has a different method of measurement...

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