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April 21, 2009


Bill McLees

How are architects supposed to slant our columns?

Apparently, next year.

Kathryn Langan

Revit Architecture users can create custom families (in-place or .rfa files), use braces, or use angled beams to represent slanted columns.

The issue with these methods for Revit Structure is that prior to the 2010 release the analytical model would not follow the slope of the column and could lead to possible problems linking with analysis applications.

Joel Osburn

I'd like to express just how unhappy I am as an architect that I do not have access to this tool. We've been using the workarounds for a while, and find it ridiculous that after developing a tool do this, Autodesk still expects us to use a workaround. Which then the structural engineer will have to recreate. Recreation of work being something that Revit was created in order to minimize.

Regarding Copy/Monitor, when will it get the overhaul it desperately needs? No ability to monitor BEAMS (among other egregious omissions)?? It is thus no surprise that slanted columns need not apply.


This is such a load of crap! Architecture users have been requesting a slanted column tool since before Structure was even created. You can add to that list Curved Beams, Trusses, and on a similar example, Ducts from MEP.

It's about time Autodesk get their head out of the sand and start unifying the modeling tools between the Revit programs.
This doesn't just apply to Architecture, but Structure and MEP users are also requesting access to the other Revit programs tools too.

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