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May 13, 2009




My name is Victor Sergent - building architect designer, located in cleveland.

We are a computer product consulting company MCPc.
I'm the in house building architect - designer , I'm Revit architecture 2010 user.
I'm having serius problem printing 30x42 full size PDF or hard copy of colored floor plan diagram by department for a building 160.000 sq.f., I can print 11x17 but not full size 30x42, the program runs "out OF memory".
I have a 4 GB memory rum.
The IT people are not use to deal with this type of software because I was just recently hired by the company to design the new headquoter building. We are not getting a quick help from autodesk, and I need to be able to deliver my work in time and in the format I need too.
Is it possible to get hel from you? or maybe you can provide me with a contact info, I did my own research in the difference forums with not good results.
my email: vsergent@mcpc.com

thank you
please advice

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