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May 19, 2009



I can get past the 2 mile radius for my revit project, but what if I am linking in a site plan that is using the state plane coordinate system and the origin and location of site is 100 times that distance?

I'm working with a civil engineer whose site is roughly 360miles,438miles away from 0,0 (origin). I have Revit Arch 2010 and I am not having any luck on getting the building project base points to do what I think they should do.

So far I have been able to move the site, in my dwg file, to the point 0,0. This will allow me to first of all get it into my Revit project, but then I logically think that if I move the project base point to the Northing/Easting given to me by the engineer it should work when going back to Civil 3d along with using the shared coordinates. The site itself is not larger than 2 miles, but it is located farther than that from 0,0.

Please help.

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