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July 21, 2009


Gregory Arkin

I have a question. The Getting Started Guide doesn't seem to exist for 2010. Is it available?

It's been a great tool for prospective users to see how easy Revit is and I'd love to see it available for Revit 2010 products.

Thank you.


Does this gfeature exist in other language ?

Harlan Brumm

Currently, there are not plans to translate this online help into another language that we are aware of.

As for the 2010 Getting Started Guide, unforunately, it is not available for the 2010 products. I am sorry that it is no longer available.

Gregory Arkin

That's a shame because we got more people to convert to Revit from being able to build a house in 4 hours using the Getting Started Guide than any other sales approach.

There's nothing better than a hands on tool like that.


I have to agree with Gregory... the Getting Started Guide was my own introduction to Revit years ago (and what immediately sold me on Revit) and I make everyone who's new to Revit go through it before I'll tutor them.

I know that there's another tutorial available of some kind of office building, but the cool little house was perfect for us.

Account Deleted

Hi, Please intimate the exact Web Links of Autodesk web site to get the two help files in (.Chm) Format Only, of RAC 2010:-

1) [F1] User's guide = [HelpArchitectureENU.Chm]
2) MyCommandArchitectureENU.Chm.


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