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July 21, 2009


John Schippers

This is great news! I've been teaching Revit at VA Tech (Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center) for the last 2.5 years, and I've noticed an increase in Mac users. In the Fall 2008 semester, we had 2 mac users, all running the Revit 2009 student version through Boot Camp. In the Spring 2009 semester, we had 4 mac users, out of 22 in the class. They'll be happy to know that 2010 is now officially supported!

Sean Burke

I've been teaching Revit with a Mac for over 2 years. Everywhere I went, I would have to say (sorry, it's unsupported). This is good news, and it arrives on the day Apple announces record non-holiday profits.

There's an oversight on the "Autodesk on a Mac" page. 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7 are currently supported within Boot Camp for the late 2008 and newer hardware.

David Vasquez

Could I run Revit on the new 13" MacBook Pro
(2.53GHz/4Gb memory/250Gb hard drive/
NVIDIA GeForce9400M graphics processor with 256 MB) ?
(using Bootcamp and Windows XP)


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