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August 28, 2009


Matt O

Can you provide more information on managing the rotation of text labels in these tags?

My problem is that the newly-edited tag will display the reference label horizontally for vertical tags.

Thanks for the tips!


First, thank you Ryan I’ve found the 10 tip lists really useful. In regards to 3. Section tag center line tip we‘ve run into an issue that I was hoping you would clarify.
In a section head family the text label and annotation text “Keep readable” parameter and “rotate with component” parameter doesn’t seem to function. Any text in a section head is always set to keep readable.
This normally that isn’t an issue except in large projects. We usually split large projects into multiple files and coordinate the referencing with complex names using prefix’s etc. The problem is that the large rotating view names require a large section head circles. But we want to set the referencing to be aligned with the section cut line and use an oval section head. Am I missing something or is this a bug with Revit?

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