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August 03, 2009


William Sutherland

Interesting, thanks.


I like the videos. However, please break unrelated topics into separate videos. I don't want to sit through five minutes of "how to install a service pack" in order to get to "how to get back the Classic interface".

Also, are these videos being collected anywhere where as an accessible resource? You go to the sketchup website, and they have an easily accessible training section for watching "tutorial" videos. It would be wonderful to be able to send new Revit users to a similar Autodesk webpage.

Joel Osburn

I would go further...I can skim a structured document and cull what I need MUCH faster than sitting through sixteen minutes of video. I appreciate the effort being made to make tips and tricks more digestible, but without a textual version, this stuff dies on a vine. Not only does it take longer to view, it is harder to index effectively, so that when I Google for something that this video dicusses, I won't find this video.

I assume the prep for making such a video involves a script, or at least an outline. Perhaps this could be posted in tandem with the video, if a well prepared, structured text document is too much extra effort.

Ans I second the need for collecting video resources...six months from now this blog post will have drifted into the recesses of internet history, but the video may still be of interest to someone.

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