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September 18, 2009


Peter Tranberg

Add.: 7. 2 mile warning on import
I am working in metric units. That gives me 2,5 times larger numbers when entering distances. So my question is, do I then only have a 0,8 mile limit for importing, or is it still 2 miles.


gabe cottam

Very Cool. I have a question though. I can tab through linked objects and select them and copy/ paste as per tip #1, however all other options are "grey-ed out". I cannot hide in view by element or category. I can only override graphics by category, nor element.
I'm wondering if there are caveats that were not listed - like: This only works on links created "in-house". Or only on links that are NOT central files. Or only if the linked file visibility graphics are set "by host view"... Do you have any additional guidence?


Larry Summerfield

Excellent post. Thank you. Do you know if there is any way to override graphics of a linked file BY ELEMENT. That would be very powerful.


Sanjeev Kumar

Hello Sir, I have a query about Revit family files (.rfa files) that if we have created a subcategory and there are various elements of that subcategory than how can we count all the elements without selecting all the individuals. Please post the reply as soon as possible.
Thanking You,
Sanjeev Kumar.

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