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October 02, 2009



I viewed the first video - very nice. A couple of suggestions though. Firstly there is no pause control - really need this as the mouse pointer just flies along at times. Secondly, while a video is great, a printable tutorial version would be a great feature. My memory is pretty small and by no means photographic and peppered with senior moments. Now I was wondering if changing my background color would make the reference grid lines visible because I couldnt see them for very long. I currently have my background set to white.


OK, I viewed some additional videos and got my grid visibility question answered. All in all a nice series. Perhaps for an expert user remembering how to do all the steps would be easy, but for beginners like myself, a printed step by step tutorial is necessary. If that is too much like hard work then a pausecontrol on the video would allow the viewer to make his or her own notes. In conclusion, I am liking the look of this compared to autocad architecture's project navigator. Good job Autodesk!


Great videos! Keep it up! I'm wondering if narration would be better than the text blocks?

@fishandchips47 - there should be play/pause/etc. controls in the browser window - there are in mine (FF 3.5).

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