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October 13, 2009



i can't get this to work

Joel Osburn

This doesn't work for me, either. Running 64 bit Windows 7, w/ IE 8 (sorry, that slipped by me before the dire warnings). The help app opens, with the two choices in the left pane, but the content window displays "Navigation to the webpage was canceled
What you can try: Retype the address."

If I extract the file to a folder, I can open the Mapping_Index.html file, and the utility appears to work as advertised. The video is accessible by opening Intro.html.


Until it gets working, try this one. It's what we use in our office and comes in pretty handy.


The link didn't stick...

Harlan Brumm

Thanks Everyone for the comments and links. I believe we have the download working now. Try the ZIP file that is added to the Post. Thanks again for the help!

David Kingham

Will this be available for structure and mep as well?

Scott D Davis

Working now...I just tried it out. Very nice!


i can't get the video to work

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