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October 07, 2009


Scott D Davis

Great tip! People are always asking for an easy way to tell what workset something is on. As long as I don't start seeing "A-ANNO-DIMS" and "A-DOOR" worksets with filters to make them look like AutoCAD layers! :-)

Howard Roman

Thank you Ryan. Fantastic idea. Is there a way of having these "Workset Key" views set up in a template? Is there a way to pre set Worksets in a template? Wonderful tip.

Ryan Duell

Thank you I’m glad this tip was helpful. Unfortunately this type of filter cannot be included in a template file. Because it requires worksets to be enabled to choose the option, and worksets cannot be enabled in a template file, it is not possible.

You could have it set up in another blank project with worksharing enabled, and when needed use “Manage” > “Transfer Project Standards” > “Filters” to load it into the current project. After the filters are loaded you could adjust the Workset names used in the filter if the current project has different worksets. Hope this helps!

Jason Rostar

Great tip! Is there a way to have a standard list of worksets set up in a template, or get them to easily transfer once worksets are enabled? Or is manually entering them the only way to go on a new project?

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