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November 05, 2009



So basically Parallels still doesn't work (with Revit) and hardware acceleration. Is that right?

I have Parallels 4, but I use Boot Camp for Revit because I could never get Revit to work in P4 with hardware acceleration on. I almost bought Parallels 5 yesterday when I saw it was available.

Good thing I didn't. What use is it (for me) if I can't use Hardware Acceleration? It's just not responsive enough for me without that.

Thanks for being the guinea pig! :)


Have you tried the latest version of VMWare Fusion? I'd be interested to know if it work with accelerated graphics.


I read that although they did improve a little in their last release, the latest Fusion release is still not there in terms of using it for Revit or 3D work. You can use it and get by, but its not stellar.

Read here:

Vincent Cadoret

I think Citrix XenDesktop 4 with HDX or Ovation server by Elephant Factory may be the best solution for us Mac users.

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