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November 12, 2009



This could not have been a more timely post. I happened upon your site today trying to do some research as to why this has happened on one of our projects again. It appears there are others in the Autodesk Discussion Groups that have also experienced the same problem, but have no remedy for it.

We are currently operating with Revit MEP2010 and yesturday, we opened up our mechanical model to find that all round 90 deg. and 45 deg. duct elbows were missing from one of our 265,000 sq. ft. projects. No one seems to know why they are just simply gone while the rectangular duct elbows still remain.

Unfortunately for us we had to waste a whole day re-making the duct connections again.

In the same model file just two months ago we lost somewhere on the order of 15-20 VAV boxes, while some others still remained in the project.

In both of these occurances, our objects were free floating families that hadn't been nested or docked onto any architectural element in the model (Recently we had also had an issue with the architect moving things and deleting our families, so we watch out for that issue now). Also in both instances we had gone in to check to make sure that the object type in the model was still there. Sure enough no settings appeared to have been modified for these round duct elbows or duct family connection types.

As an aside, the only time we ever experienced this with Revit MEP2009 was when all of our manually inserted text boxes disappeared one day, while all the tagged-by-category text stayed in place. We are constantly fearful that disappearing items like this will happen days prior to a project going out for bid.

We are only two years into using the Revit MEP product, have two projects under our belt, and still have much to learn on the use of the product. Is they anything else you could elaborate on, perhaps in more detailed steps, that could help us look into to keeping this from happening in the future?.

I will probably be filing a request for help with Autodesk in the next day or so to see if they can offer any other advice.

Thank you

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