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January 28, 2010


Paul Aubin

What happens if you check this box on more than one reference plane?

Ryan Duell

If you check another reference plan in elevation view to define origin, it will un-check the original reference plane. You can only have one reference plane defining the origin in elevation so whichever the last one you check will be the defining reference plane.

Property in Turkey

Great post. I enjoyed reading thanks.

Greg McDowell Jr

I've got wall based families that I think I made in Revit 2009 that don't have this instance parameter when I load it into a project. Thing is another family that I think I made at about the same time (so I assume it was in Revit 2009) does have the elevation parameter. Any idea as to what I might have missed? Is there something I can do in the family to force the issue? The only solution I've found is to nest it into a new family or rebuild (eck).

Ryan Duell

If the family was created in Revit 2009, this parameter should exist. If created in 2009, and then upgraded to 2010 this parameter should also follow when inserted into the project.

If the family was changed from one category to another category this could potentially occur. Although I haven’t been able to reproduce it from scratch to this point. I would try setting or creating a new reference plane in the family elevation view and set it as defining origin. Reload the family and overwrite to see if this changes anything. Then test loading the family into a new project to see if the results are the same.

If you’re on Subscription I would definitely create a service request and attach 2 families so we can better determine what may be going on. Thanks!

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