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February 18, 2010



Thanks for the explanation. I have pretty poor eyesight, but I haven't really noticed the blurriness that I've heard many users report. I'd be curious if your screen shots show the full extent of the problem other users have reported, or that's "it".

One thing that helps to make Revit 2010 more readable is the "Light" display theme. The Light theme should be the default in my opinion.

I don't know if it's related, but one issue that is a big deal to me is resolution independence. I bump up my DPI to 125% or more... Revit 2010's looked pretty good, but some apps that get into the "fixed" size pixels for UI elements create havoc. That would be very, very bad.


HARLAN: I know AutoCAD has always worked far better without ClearType, WPF is supposed to add other options. looks like the final release isn't due until April this year, but thought I'd give the RC a go for now.
do you know if it's the .NET_4.0 or the VisualStudio_2010 updates we need for that feature??

LYYY69: agreed, I keep the DPI at 125% too--have done so for years, it seems to work more effectively with most software than using larger text (ie. sharper and doesn't clip the text off at the right or bottom edge of windows).

however some software just doesn't work well at all with this setting, in which case I just ditch it and try something else.

a similar problem is with rescaled webpages, which causes similar problems, such as SUBMIT buttons disappearing--more often than not they are ASP websites, not html, not sure if that's a microsoft glitch, but they should really work on it for greater accessibility--most of the adult internet using world has imperfect eyesight, after all, and some just don't want to make their eyesight any worse.

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