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February 05, 2010



Dear Revit Clinic,

This comment is no direct comment upon the relating post, but i dont know where else i should put/ask it.

I have encounterd some problem during my working with Revit Structure 2010, and i am very curious how your looks upon this would be.

here is the deal:
in cad i drafted the situation, image here: http://i46.tinypic.com/bgqvwo.png
(dont know if the [img] tags work within a comment)

the situation is like, there is a dike starting with the profile as drafted to the right of it, then there is a bend of 19 degrees in it, and than there is a other profile, again drafted to the right.

how did i tryed:
the first part i just did as a sweep, but than that middle part comes along, here i need to make some way to go from the profile 1 to the profile 2. so, the normal sweep wont do anymore, thus i took the sweep-blend. but here the touble starts, the 2 profiles of the sweep-blend seems only be capeble to be uses parallell to each other. but as you can see, i have this 19 degree bend from profile 1 to profile 2.
In this situation, i totally miss some vertex modeling tool. (maybe some idea for subscription/extentions tool?)
now i have seen there is some kind of vertex modelling, but that was only withing concept mass, but here i am working with exclevation (ground works) for the rest of the structure, so i dont think a mass would be satisfying either.
a last opting would be to create some beam shape form, and use voids to cut out the correct shape, but this would take hours (would take just minutes with vertex modelling i think) and once the shape changes again trough development, i got to do it all over again.

So this made me wonder, what are your looks upon this problem ? how would you deal with it ?

I hope you can help me refresh my look upon this :)

leaky roof

I recently started using revit, and this is the best blog I've seen on revit troubleshootiing. Keep up the good work.

Jerry M

Will this work through a link as well? If we did this to an architects roof, will the constraint break if they edit the roof?

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