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February 23, 2010


Dave Plumb

Agreed that this is user error, but wouldn't it be fairly easy to avoid this problem by having Revit check for open files when you change your user name?
Better yet, don't allow any changes to the user name unless there are no open files.

I've always wondered about a similar error when you open a Local file that is no longer compatible with the Central. Here's the scenario:
- User 1 makes a Local file, works on it & saves it on Monday.

- User 2 does a SaveAs & creates a new Central File with the same name on Tuesday.
- User 1 opens his (old and now out of date) Local file on Wednesday and happilly works away for a few hours.

Dave Plumb

Sorry about that. Somehow that got posted just before I was about to hit the exciting conclusion!
- After User 1 has been unknowingly working happily away, he goes to SWC. User 1 is no longer happy because he has just gotten the message "You file is no longer compatible with the Central File because it has been replaced."
Again, I see that this is user error - they really should have gotten a new Local Copy, but the problem is that they don't know it until AFTER they go to SWC, at which time they have probably lost a significant amount of work.

It would be nice if Revit would tell you AS SOON AS YOU OPEN YOUR LOCAL that it is not compatible. Telling me after I've worked for a couple hours makes me unhappy.

Ryan Duell

Thank you for the feedback Dave; I think your first 2 points regarding Revit checking for open files \ user name change & notifying the user could avoid a number of these or similar scenarios. While my post was meant to show a scenario which has come up a few times of late, and some approaches to hopefully retain work to the file, it would be helpful if Revit notified you before you continued working. I've forwarded your comments to the development team as feedback, thank you again for the information.

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