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March 09, 2010


Concerned User

These are all good but are there any others that might not be officially supported. Like before the subscription bonus pack there was the splitwalls with gap. Are there any others like this, ie wall cleanups mitre or anything else that would benefit users but not always supported?


Is there a suppress vsta warning or similar, for opening multiple instances?

Renaissance Clothing

Thank for the info. It would be a great help.

Ryan Duell

Split with gap did not have a user interface until the Subscription Advantage Pack. Regarding any other lines to add, I’ve included a link to the Model Performance Technical Note, which includes some additional performance related toggles on page 4:


Regarding the VSTA warning unfortunately no you cannot disable the VSTA dialog as there is no “Do not show me this message again” check-box as the other dialogs:


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