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March 17, 2010



I have this exact problem, but the model is well within the 2 mile limit.
I'm unable to access the video example & I'm a bit dim to follow the text (I'm a Revit newbie) - could you please show some screenshots?


Ryan Duell

Thanks for the comment, this could be the same issue even if there is currently no geometry well off. It could happen if it existed there at some point. Simply do the following:
-In the view this is occurring in, right-click, “View Properties”. Scroll down to locate “View Range”.
-Click “Edit”.
-Locate the “Cut Plane” dimension, make a note of this dimension.
-Hit “OK” twice to exit back to the view.
-The next step is to locate all of the plan regions in use in the view. You want to highlight each plan region, highlight it, click “View Range” and note the “Cut Plane” dimension.
-After you make a note of each plan region “Cut Plane” dimension, select all of the plan regions and set the “View Range” > “Cut Plane” dimension so it matches the view. For example if the View “Cut Plane” dimension was 4’-0”, make each plan region “Cut Plane” dimension 4’-0”.
-After all plan regions have been set to match the view, return to the view. This resets the cut boundary.
-Then you can highlight each plan region and set the “Cut Plane” back to the original value before you set it to match the view.

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