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March 23, 2010



In regards to this, "If replacing worksharing-enabled files regularly, for example from a consultant, every time a new linked file is received it would need to be opened and resaved as a central file. When worksharing enabled files are moved to a new server or location, Revit considers them a local copy until they are re-saved. This happens because Revit saves the location, where each worksharing enabled file resides.

Each file would have to be re-saved over itself as a new central file. As an example you would open each link, and re-save it in the same folder overwriting the original with “Make this a Central File After Save” checked. "
Do you really need to resave the consultant file? If I copy their file off an ftp site (for example) and save it to our own network, and replace that file anytime there is an updated model from them, there shouldn't be an issue with doing it this way? Haven't I effectively broken the connection with the original file? I need to make sure that my host project is looking for the linked file in the location on our own network, but I don't see why I'd need to create a new central file from the linked file...?

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