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March 08, 2010


Nick Fuller, Engineering Design Systems, Inc. Roakoke, VA

A great post! I didn't know about the image compression. Could you perhaps write some tips on creating custom images? I'm working on a model with some custom marble. We have a 1'x1' sample from the stone yard. I know to create a custom rendering material by scanning the sample. The challenge is that in a large marble application such as custom stone faced desk, this 1x1 image will show the pattern repeat. What is an approach to making the pattern repeat less obvious?

John Finkell

This is very helpful, if the image is something you have created and know where it is.

However, what about the case where you have an image you can't to locate? Is there a way to backtrack this a bit and determine what material in Revit is calling the offending image? Some sort of material export utility or something? It would be nice if they could provide a "More Info" option in the dialog which would provide this sort of info.

Ryan Duell

Yes you can, I’ll be publishing a blog post on this one tomorrow morning. The latest Revit journal file will list the full image path, for each image which cannot be located. Search the journal file for the image name, located [for Revit Architecture] at : “C:\Program Files\Autodesk Revit Architecture 2010\Journals”. Check back tomorrow for the full post!

Acai Optimum

very informational... educative as well, i've been a very good follower of your blog... all am gonna say is good job!


quite informative, this great post helped me too much with a problem of network location that I had, great post, great blog, congratulations!

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