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April 20, 2010



In the 2011 extentions pack, where did the "excel based modeling generator" wnet too ?
it is taken out ?
because i cand find it anymore after installing my extentions pack 2011 to my revit structure 2011...

Harlan Brumm

Excel based modeling is still available in the Revit Structure 2011 extensions. It is available under the Modeling group. Make sure you have installed the "Revit Extensions for Autodesk Revit Structure 2011" just to make sure.


yes, i have downloaded and installed Revirt Structure 2011.
after that i logged in to my subscription centre and downloaded the extentions for revit structure 2011.

-=-at this time i did not have mirosoft excel installed on my pc, could this make a difference ??-=-

at the time i started Revit structure 2011, i just cant find the excel based modeling tool where all the extentions are.

maybe it is better to ask this trough support ticket centre ?

Harlan Brumm

Hi Again, I've learned that for Windows 7 64 bit, the Excel based model generator is not available. If you are using the Windows 7 64 bit, you will not see the tool.

For a technical solution check out this link:

Sorry if this causes any inconvenience.



Where can find "excel based modeling generator" sample ?

I install this tool , But i don't know how to use...*_*

Peter Haag

Is there still no way to batch print PDFs?


Revit extensions 2011 is pretty good but my problem was I cannot access extensions for ASD 2011 although it was available when I am going to run it problem displays saying ASD is not installed or not detected. I am using windows 7 64bit


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