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April 20, 2010


Alan aka cadalot

Reported my problem 3 days ago still waiting for an answer. Where is the utility for checking the graphic cards as discussed in the trobleshooting video?

How do you get your card tested and added to the list?

Ryan Duell

The Report a Problem link would definitely be the place to submit any issues or requests. Which card are you currently using and are there any issues you have seen to this point? While often the dialog will appear, for cards not tested to this point, all features may still be available. I can pass along the issue as well if you would like. I do not believe we have a timetable yet for testing additional cards but the list should be a continuously updated list moving forward. Currently we just have the supported list, I believe some of the earlier troubleshooting videos mentioned a tool but currently it is just a supported list of cards/drivers.

Alan aka cadalot

See http://cadalot-revitlearningcurve.blogspot.com/2010/04/revit-certified-graphics-hardware-list.html

So Far I've installed at home and on 3PC's at works and all of us have different NVIDIA GeForce #### GT cards and drivers, only one so far is listed and we had already downloaded the latests driver which is later than on the Autodesk list and thus still came up with the warning message!.

As you confirm the videos did say a utility WOULD BE availabe IS THIS GOING TO HAPPEN?

How do I get the video cards we are using tested and added to the list if Autodesk are not going to release this utility?

as I stated the list is about as useful as a push bike is to a goldfish if your card is not listed.

And over 3 day and no reply appart from a posting here is not good support!

I'm effectively live Beta Testing - A release Candidate should have been made available for further testing on live more upto date pc's and cards before release.


I also want to point out that the driver numbers on the list do NOT correspond to the driver package numbers on the nvidia/ati websites... making the list very confusing to use. You can kind of figure out the GeForce driver numbers by moving around the decimal point, but that's about it.

This is the kind of confusion that drives users bonkers - they plead for years for some sort of supported video card list, and when they finally get one, it's practically useless.

Harlan Brumm

Hi Everyone,

I think it is important to clarify a couple of points.

Having a Certified card does NOT mean that you cannot use Hardware Acceleration, only that we have not tested your card. The certified list is a list of tested graphics cards, not "Graphic Cards required to run Revit".

The graphic card requirement for full use of Revit features, is that your card needs to support Shader Model 3 or higher. If your card uses Shaded model 2, Revit will disable hardware acceleration. If you have a card that supports Shader Model 3, then you can safely disregard any error message Revit shows when you launch the product.

The report a problem page is NOT a support resource, but a way to notify our teams about a graphics card that you would like included, ie have us test. If you require support for a problem, you should contact your reseller or log a Support request as a Subscription Customer through the Subscription Center at www.autodesk.com/subscriptionlogin

The list of supported cards includes only the cards that we have tested and committed to provide support for going forward. The list should continue to grow as we complete testing on more cards.

We have a technical solution that may help explain more: http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/ps/dl/item?siteID=123112&id=14636373&linkID=9243099

Last, the videos mentioned have been updated and we have removed the mention of the graphics card utility. This utility is not available for Revit products.

I hope that this helps to clear up any confusion about this issue. Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think.


As a subscription customer that works in a subscription customer company I´m not satisfied with AUTODESK support. In Brazil we received a strange information from AUTOCAD TECHNICAL CONSULTANT of a local reseller informing that OPEN GL graphics cards will not be able to work propoerly with REVIT anymore. We have 14 workstations using NVIDIA QUADRO FX570 and FX580, and that investiment was made atending AUTODESK specifications and recommendations from several instructors and forums. Does Autodesk have intention to discontinue OPEN GL technology? Why Autodesk launch a new version without drivers for supposed CERTIFIED GRAPHICS HARDWARE?

Ryan Duell

Both the NVIDIA QUADRO FX570 and FX580 appear on our supported \ recommended list below:


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