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June 28, 2010



Thanks for your Post on "Adjusting the Scale of a Weld Symbol" I think i missed something on how to get the leader line to the center of the All Around Circle. Could you please help me understand how to control that start point. Thanks for your help.

Kathryn Langan

Hi TY,

There is no single control that sets the leader point; it is a combination of everything explained above.

In order for the start point to be correct, the family has to be scaled precisely, constrained accurately, and the origin needs to be shifted to the appropriate locations. If the start point is not at the right location, then unfortunately it is likely that one of those steps along the way was not done accurately. The construction of the family is picky and needs to be built very carefully with a lot of attention paid to the minor details.


Your post "Adjusting the Scale of a Weld Symbol" was a great help. Are there any in-depth third party references focused on the creation and management of familes? For example, I would like to learn more about parameter formulas. Also, I would like to manage the content and ordering of drop down lists (such as weld symbols) so that extraneous subcomponents (such as the "All Around" and "Field Weld" symbols) are not included. Thanks.

Bryan Mentzel


Thanks for this post! It seems every time
our drawings get QC'd the weld symbols
are the first to get marked as "gigantic"
or "reduce in size". :)

I'll try this tomorrow!


Kathryn Langan

GR, there are some good resources out there for families. I'd recommend the Revit Structure Families Guide: http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/index?siteID=123112&id=13113125&linkID=9243180 and also the Family Jewels: Creating Quality BIM Content blog: http://familyjewels.typepad.com/blog/
Good luck Bryan, remember to scale carefully and pay attention to the details!

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