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June 25, 2010



1. This post is kind of confusing - I think I get it now, but I really had to work at understanding what was trying to be conveyed.

2. Why isn't this information included on the actual Graphics Hardware List web page?

3. When are you guys going to understand that the driver numbers you list are not particularly helpful (especially to less technically savvy users)? You need to be listing the driver PACKAGE numbers that are listed on Nvidia and ATI's website. I repeat, the driver PACKAGE numbers!

4. Even the most recent video cards on the list are relatively old. Where are all the new cards from the last 12 to 18 months? Many new computer systems only offer newer cards not on the list. Quite a few of the video cards on the list are obsolete.

Ben O.

What alternate driver should be used with the NVIDIA GeForce on the Windows 7 machines? You didn't provide an alternate for

And an echo on the comment above regarding the package numbers on the hardware websites.
Better yet, why not provide a link to the download of the driver we need to get.


I agree with iyyy69, the display driver #'s aren't searchable in Nvidia's website so they are useless. They need to be provided as Quadro release #'s.
Right? I mean am I missing something here? I can search for in Google but that doesn't help. Is there a Autodesk location somewhere that I can grab this spcific driver by looking for this number?

Ryan Duell

You can download by driver manufacturer \ model and see these driver versions from the Autodesk Page below:


Filter by 2011 product to search for the most recent.

Jason Bailly


Why the two disparate lists??? I have been familiar with the AutoCAD graphics hardware list for a while. It was even referred to us by Autodesk Support to consult for the correct drivers for Revit at one time. Support later recanted and told us to always use the latest and greatest driver from the card manufacturer. Now Revit will warn me that my driver is too new!

The AutoCAD list has the type of functionality that I would have expected from the new Revit list. Are there plans to unify the approach?


I just wanted to know if there is any hope to see the ati mobility radeon hd 5870 drivers come out one day? It's so disappointing to have a powerfull laptop with the most powerfull gpu available for laptops (actually on the market) and no drivers...

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