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July 21, 2010



Thanks to the "Clinic" for helping with our ailments :-)
Can you please advise whether the line created by the view can be altered to extend to the length of the view title, or at least be dragable to a custom length?

Ryan Duell

You are referring to the viewport title line correct? You can customize the length by selecting the viewport first, and then selecting the blue grip of the line and modifying it as needed. If you select the line first, you can move the location instead but not adjust the length. The trick is to select the viewport first, then drag the grip…


Ryan, I changed the view title to show the circle on the right side of the viewport but cna't get it to work automatically like the default one.
1. It draws the changed view title from right to left but still places it on the left side of the viewport.
2. It draws the line in the view title from left to right as the default one and does not follow the changed right to left labels.

Is there a way to have the title automatically show up on the right side of the viewport and automatically draw the line from right to left.

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