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July 21, 2010


Harlan Brumm

I'd also recommend taking a look at this post: http://www.techspot.com/guides/177-windows-install-32bit-64bit/ It gives some additional information about Windows 7 64 bit that you might find useful.

software testing training

Very interesting. I wasn't aware that stability and memory went hand in hand. Is this correct for any system disregarding it's size?


just wanted to know to take full advantage of revit 64bit is there like an option in the settings where we hav to configure on how much ram the software can use? because some 64bit softwares hav that setting and by default are set to either 3gb or 4gb and in some case like my PC has 8gb of ram?

Harlan Brumm

There is not an option in Revit to control the amount of memory it can access. Revit 64 bit will take full advantage of whatever memory you have, no matter how much. For your machine, Revit will use all 8GB, if it needs to.

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