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July 20, 2010


Daniel Stine

We run into this on upper floor plans, where some of the walls occur below a sloped roof near the perimeter of the building.

Harlan Brumm

Probably you could use the first option and adjust the cut plane and the bottom offset for the primary view range for this one . This should help to get the look you need for those walls. However, you don't need to do this if the walls are attached to the roof. This Low wall behavior does not apply if the walls are attached to something.

Dennis Nelson

I personal think that this is a problem that should be corrected. Walls should follow the easy, self explanatory rule, it they are cut by the cut plane then will show as cut. If you want to still have the "low wall" function put it in as a instance property check box.

I assume this also why slabs that fall with in 4'-0" of the cut plane will show no matter what the bottom plane or view depth is set to.

Ron Palma

Similar to your option 2, If I know that the wall must be a specific height measured from teh floor, then I set both the Base and Top Constraint to the same level, then for the Base Offset set it to 0", and the Top Offset to the positive height value above the level specified in the Top Constraint.

Paul Hildebrandt

I've been using Revit since version 8 and have never noticed this behavior before. Probably because we are usually adjusting the cut plane and view depth settings for other reason.

It's be nice if this behavior was more visible in settings or the help files.

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