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July 29, 2010


Brian Myers

I know you may not always get feedback, just know this post proved timely to solve an issue.


Rob Gorman

Only solution 2 had any effect with my installation. Revit did manage to start but deleting the WSCommCntrData.xml file effectively cancelled my license and left me with the 30 day trial version. Any further suggestions?

Ryan Duell

Thank you for the update. The WSCommCntrData.xml file contains Communication Center preferences and is user-specific. These include items such as notifications, channels, if the user should see updates, etc.

By default this should not interact with licensing on the workstation.

Do you have a standalone or network license on this particular workstation?

If standalone can you reactivate the product under R > Licensing > Standalone – Locked > Register?

If network can you specify the specific network license server, or enable the ADSKFLEX_LICENSE_FILE environmental variable?

Rob Gorman

Thanks for the reply Ryan.

It's a standalone license and on attempting to reactivate the product an error message appears saying "Licensing System Error 30:falure to start AdLM"

I hope this helps.

Rob Gorman

Hi Ryan,

A little further information which may be of use.

Soon after closing Revit a message appears advising me that "Data Execution Prevention has closed Autodesk InfoCenter".

Ryan Duell

It sounds like Windows Data Execution Protection is blocking several processes; we could test completely disabling it on the workstation. I have included a Microsoft link below if you would like to test this.


You can use the System-wide configuration of DEP > AlwaysOff option.

If this does not resolve the issue, and you are on Subscription, we may be able to better assist you if you would like to create a support request. Thanks again.

Rob Gorman

I should have mentioned earler that my operating system is Vista Ultimate which doesn't seem to do things the same way as described in the link.

I've tried turning off the DEP for Revit.exe but to no avail. There doesn't seem to be a way of setting the DEP system-wide unless you know otherwise.

I am on a subscription so I'll create the support request as soon as I can.

Thanks again for your assistance.

Babak Sani

Dear Sir
I 'm a student in TAFE ,Brisbane,
I've tried to download Revit Architect 2010 , and have successfully downloaded it. The first page of Revit comes on screen but when I choose new or open; programme ends suddenly, could you please let me know ,what I should do?


Still did not fix the problem with Revit...


I have followed this thread and completed all the suggestions. but I am still not funcational. My Revit 2011 is running in demo mode how ... can't seem to get past it. Do you have any further suggestions?

Steve Costello

Tried solution 2 and 3. It worked and now I am back up and running. Thank you.

Bill Robinson

Hi Ryan.
My stand alone version of Revit Architecture 2011 ran for 2 days and then gave the following message on startup ' Error 1335 :The cabinet file 'x86.cab' required for this installation is corrupt and cannot be used. This could indicate a network error, an error reading from the CD-Rom, or a problem with this package'. This is after doing a clean uninstall, turning off virus protection, loading revit disk on computer and setting up from the computer. Can you please offer a suggestion.


Revit rides again! Thanks for posting this!


Thanks Ryan...You Rock!!! My Revit is working again!


Hi. I have problem with 'unrecoverable error message', but i dont have files you mentioned in method 2 and 3. Folders are empty.

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