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July 22, 2010


Alvin Morie

Good information. We are having a slight problem with Worksharing Monitor on Windows 7 (64 bit w/Revit 64 bit). On all earlier versions, if a user didn't have Worksharing Monitor running on their system, their username displayed using gray letters on others Worksharing Monitor displays. Users with Worksharing Monitor running were displayed using black letters. Now, all users, including the local computer, are displayed in greyed letters on every system. Do we have a setting incorrectly defined, or is this a problem with Windows 7?

David Moody

We have an open support request regarding these very same issues. We have yet to establish a consistent set of errors related to who shows in the file, who shows as having worksharing closed, and who shows as having worksharing open. We can have 5 people working on the file and all the same computer, but with at least 3 different responses from the worksharing monitor.

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