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August 18, 2010


Basam Yousif

My wish list item regarding this subject belongs to Navisworks not Revit :-)

When exporting the model out, you only have the option of "Internal" or "Shared". There is no easy way to export a model with multiple locations.

Rob Foster

The problem with this is you still have to intially align the file. I am currently working on a large project that has to coordinate with a separate adjacent contract that is also using shared real world coordinates and even though both files have the correct shared coordinates (verified by navisworks exports) when you link the files together they don't recognize each other's shared coordinates and will default back to center to center. Also in this example every position used the exact same rotation from true north, what happens if each file has a different rotation?

Ryan Duell

You are correct that you initially would have to publish or acquire coordinates in this example [this was an ideal Revit to Revit workflow for multiple links]. You can adjust each buildings relationship to True North as well should the orientation on the site vary. Once the coordinates have been published, subsequent changes [such as rotation will be recorded as well]. Very quick example:
Video Example: http://screencast.com/t/YTdkNTEzYWMt

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