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August 13, 2010


Jake Boen

A step by step tutorial on setting this up between 2 and then 3 models (linking another in) would be nice. I always get confused during the process but is such a beautiful thing once it is set up in the first and the the 1st model gets linked per shared coordinates in the 2nd file. Beautiful but complex and difficult to understand.

Josh Moore

I would like to know how to handle a situation where you want your elevations datums to read 100'-0", without adjusting your shared coordinates (they need to stay correct per Civil). The only way I am aware is to move the project up 100'-0". Maybe you could outline another way (if there is one), and the pro's and con's you've found of each.



How about showing how to coordinate the location of two models started at different loations. For example, an Arch model started that references site coordinates and a Structural model started that references 0,0,0 (project coordinate point). How to aggregate these models to be in the same position??? From the view of the Arch and from the view of the Structural engineer.

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