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September 08, 2010


Chris Hubbard

Great post

Really good to know about the shared point. We have been editing the IFC previously.

Good tutorial for others though

Nike Vandal

Go for anyone who helps make you smile since it will take only a smile to produce a darkish day appear shiny. Do you imagine so?

Peter Tranberg

I just tryed to export to IFC using Shared Coordinates, the result was that the Building Pad moved to a new location. Wow what is that..

Jordan Spizike

We are not able to transform our previous. We won't be able to modify the truth that individuals will act in a very specific way. However the only point we are able to do is play around the one particular string we've got, and that's our perspective.

Jordan retro 6

Sending you a week's blessing, joyful Monday, Healthy and happy, good luck on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Fill go well.Both Friday, Saturday, Sunday with merriment limitless scenery.

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