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September 24, 2010


Aaron Maller

We've experienced this on our projects too, but unfortunately... It makes the feature not work very well. The sheet gets ISSUED on the first "revision," whether its a "Revision" (capital) or not. If its not, no Architectural Project Manager that i know will let you have the "1" or the "A" in the schedule. But we still need the issue date.

So were left having a seperate Issue Date column for ORIGINAL issue, in the Sheet schedule. They need to fix this so that the Revision Issue Date shows, regardless of the Counter for the Revisions.

Also, they need to let us specify Revisions on Sheets for multiple sheets at once.

Ryan Duell

Aaron thank you for the feedback, this workflow is completely understandable. I have passed this along, on your behalf, outlining this scenario with the development team. Thanks again.

Aaron Maller

No problem! I think its great that you guys are outlining these finds in a Blog of your own. It speaks worlds about Supports dedication to making these items better.

Plus, i didnt mean for that comment to sound like i was whining... I know support doesnt get to demand things from Development, hahaha...

Christopher Anderson

I actually have a support request in with Autodesk about this very issue right now. Have not heard back yet. This as well doesn't work for us. We don't need a letter or number, just the issued revision. This make it pretty much not a feature. We would like the multiple sheet revisions at once as well.

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