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September 16, 2010


Bruce Madsen

Mine looks entirely different.

How do I get the Google® powered results?

My Revit.ini file has this:

Ryan Duell

Are you using Revit Structure 2011 or Revit MEP 2011 by any chance? Currently the updated search format is for Revit Architecture 2011 only. Otherwise your Revit.ini settings are correct for online help. If you are using Revit Architecture 2011, try running Revit as an Administrator [right-click on Revit shortcut > Run as Administrator].

Bruce Madsen

"Run as Administrator" does not seem to make a difference. Still getting just a list of blue words, no underline, no black text, no green text. (unable to paste an image for you)

Do I need to add search locations or some Autodesk channels?

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