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October 11, 2010


Bob Tobs

The "Large RPC bug" was more than a potential problem for me. It lasted for the full six months between release and WU2. The "Material Dialog Stability" issue lasted a full six months as well. Apparently these bugs hit relatively few people (Windows 7 64 for me). The technical solutions that may have worked for some did not work or improve my situation at all.

Glad things are fixed now, but very displeased that Autodesk cost me major productivity and hence significant money for six months when these problems were identified long ago. When subscription is essentially mandatory, it is most annoying when Autodesk can charge money for upgrades that perform badly.

I'm less upset about the bugs than the "we'll fix it when and if we get to it" attitude. Autodesk markets RPCs and material libraries as a part of Revit. They should work somewhat more often than 50% of a release cycle.

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